During the last years we witnessed new records for ConTech solutions worldwide. In all countries and construction verticals, the amount of construction technology providers has been increasing. Especially in Europe the market for engineering & project management solutions is getting crowded. SaaS tools in process automation for construction planning, cost estimation and controlling are present all across Europe. It will be interesting to see which companies are able to attract venture capital beyond the startup phase to booster the growth across European regions. Furthermore the corporate adoption will depend on internal willingness to work with new technology solutions across the construction value chain. Corporate skill shortage and increasing uncertainty during the pandemics turn out to be growth barriers for new contech solutions.

Construction site efficiency and safety are key topics for the ConTech Map 2021. Cranes and other heavy machinery are being upgraded through new hardware for remote operation, monitoring and planning. Web and mobile applications allow for real-time safety and operational notifications and analytics. Construction companies, leasing companies and OEMs are the main customers for these contech solutions.

Sustainability in the construction tech sector is mostly focused on the material level, even though new materials for concrete replacement lack adoption across all countries. The potential carbon saving in the production of cement and concrete is being tackled by an increasing amount of startups. At the same time new material passports to establish an online registry for materials and products are on the rise, especially across Europe. Reuse and the reduction of waste are key challenges for the construction industry in the 21st century.

Technology will continue to change the way people work, live and socialize. BUILTWORLD identifies the most relevant challenges and topics of the future. We navigate through the fast and ever-changing construction technology landscape. With the ConTechMap 2021, we utilise our innovation ecosystem to provide a unique perspective on the builtworld world of tomorrow.

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